How We Can Avoid Being Verified with the OTP when Signing in to Gmail Accounts

How we can avoid being verified with the OTP when signing in to Gmail Accounts

We all agree that it’s quite annoying when an created Gmail ID is asked for sms code verification when this approved phone is only for verifying once when signing up. Then the question is how we can make this verification or just skip this step then.

Well, the answer is neither but we can still make it another way round. This could be simple with PVAcreator by removing the phone number once for signing up and adding a frequently-used email address to work up as a recovery email. 

When this is made for a setup, you will be easily getting rid of this trouble for good. When the creation flow kicks off, you will find the phone you created with is removed and instead the recovery email will be added in for confirmation when this checkpoint is coming up but you don’t have to worry about an OTP confirmation then.

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