Daily tasks to improve Organic Search Traffic

Why is SEO important? 

  1. To get more organic traffic: what is natural ranking? You can probably understand: the user uses a search engine to see our website traffic, and this traffic is not attained by paid advertising; it can be considered natural traffic!


  1. Save money: It is cheaper to build a website to promote your products than paying for advertisement.  


  1. Traffic stability: Investing in SEO optimization ranking is more stable compared to that in advertising, When the advertisement is gone, the traffic is gone!


  1. It targets customers accurately: users are most likely to come from searching for keywords, so it is easier to make orders.




Daily jobs to be done

It takes approximately 1-3 months for a new site to have a significant growth in traffic. Daily jobs are boring but necessary.

  1. Check ranking every day: use a third-party ranking website such as SEMrush to check the rank of your own site. Record traffics and ranks to see changes after a certain period.


  1. Website traffic analysis: you can analyze the website traffic through statistical tools, such as what keywords bring users to the site, what pages they view most often, and how long they stay, so you can find out whether the site meets the needs of users.


  1. Check external links: if you have exchanged a lot of external links in the early stages, you can gradually replace these external links with high quality ones. Another task is checking the external links every day, and if you find that the other sites have been downgraded, you should drop them to avoid being implicated!


  1. Website content update: website optimization is a step-by-step process. The content of the site is its foundation. Each website needs to be updated regularly and quantitatively with related content, we should pay attention to the content of the article and the core relevance of the site, vertical degree, you can update news information, technical articles, etc.


  1. The website should be regularly backed up: there is no harm in being "prepared" and regularly backed up, in case the site is hacked, you can also restore the previous backup content in time.


  1. For example, how many times has the user come, from which links, does a 404 error occur?



In summary. Compared to other methods, building a site is the cheapest way to promote your content or product. You might get bored repeating same jobs every day, but this is crucial in increasing your organic search traffic.